Monday, June 4, 2012

The Trip - June 2012

This trip is to explore bicycle facilities in a few European and North American cities, to see what we can learn, and for inspiration.  It's also to tag along with Paul on his more historical and battlefield explorations.

We’d been to the well-known “bicycle heaven”, Amsterdam, a few times before, and to Groningen with the highest mode split for bicycles in the Netherlands.  Nationally, 26% of trips are by bike, 28% in Amsterdam and 38% in Groningen.  But what does it look like and feel like in other 'more ordinary' cities? 

 The luggage - a Brompton bag and a day pack with everything else.

You know you’re in Holland when… 
before you even get off the train from the airport, an older couple comment on you having a bike in the train, but it’s “Why do you only have one bike for two people?”


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